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Original Omin  Snooker Training Centre

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      In 2010, JH Leong, a seasoned snooker player with great passion for snooker, felt that the current snooker scene in Malaysia lacked a proper training ground for snooker fans around the region. With that in mind, he decided to setup a professional standard training venue, using international standard facilities such as Wiraka M1 snooker tables, Hainsworth cloth and Aramith Tournament balls.

Hence, the birth of Original Omin Snooker Training Center in may 2010.

During the center’s Official Opening in July 2010, they had honour of having world professional snooker player, James Wattana from Thailand grace the event. James, along with a few local top snooker players, played a few exhibition match for the VIPs and snooker enthusiasts whom were all excited for being able to watch live world class snooker in action.

JH Leong, a member of the Selangor Snooker & Billiards Association, had also played an important role in assisting current Malaysia’s No 1 player, Rory Thor, in capturing his first National title in 2009. Rory also previously trained at the center before departing on his own way in 2011.

Multi national companies such as Standard Chartered, Ernst & Young and others have trained at the center and with Jh Leong’s guidance, won their first Inter Bank Snooker Championship. After slightly over 2 years in operations, the center now have both full time and part time students, whom train under the watchful eyes of JH Leong, inspired one day to play professional snooker on the world stage.




O’min cues or O Minburi ( Mr.Somkiat Kulwattanaporn) is on of the best cue-makers in Thailand. Nowadays, O’min cues is a notable brand for Thai and international professional snooker players in the world.

O’min cues is an international equipment manufacturer and distributor. Today O’min products are notable for worldwide professional snooker players as high in quality.









OriginalOmin Snooker Training Center is offering coaching lessons for 3 different levels of snooker players, i.e beginner, intermediate and advance levels.Coaching lessons will be provided by JH Leong ( Ex coach of Rory Thor).

The coaching and course fees are listed below.



Course Fee

Beginner RM500

Intermediate RM650

Advanced RM800

*Each course has 8 sessions of 2 hours per session.*


Terms and conditions.

The student will also bear the table charges (50% for off-peak hours -11pm-6pm and full table charges apply.

Attire – t shirt or shirt, full length jeans or trousers and sneakers or leather shoes.

Full payment before commencement of the lessons and non-refundable.

The student has up to 3 months to complete the training course.



Students will be given special discounts for purchase of snooker cues, cue cases, OriginalOmin T-shirts and other snooker accesories.

Beginner and intermediate students who show potential will be given one (1) tournament play exposure complimentary of OriginalOmin Snooker Training Center.

Students will be given a certificate upon completion of their training course.



7 International tournament class snooker tables.

Full snooker table accesories – international tournament standard snooker balls, snooker rest, spider, extended spider, swan neck, long rest and tournament triangle rack.

Training mirror.

Videos of international snooker tournament.

One non-smoking snooker room.

Lounge with sofa, TV, Astro, DVD player and Playstation 2 game console.

Free Wifi.

Cafeteria offering food and beverages.



OriginalOmin has a vast stock of Snooker, Pool and Billiards Accesories which can be matched to all tables. On this section are marker boards, cue racks, lighting, biliard room seating, cues and many more items.

In addition to our range of Billiards, Snooker, Pool Accesories, OriginalOmin is also the Sole Distributor for O’min Cues. We provide various range of snooker cue starting from normal basic house cue to custom made cue upon customer request/requirement.




Under the coaching from Mr. JH Leong, Rory Thor Chuan Leong has received 13 National Tour Series Trophies including 2 Silver Medal from the 25th SEA Games in Laos, Vietnam representing Malaysia. While Thor Chuan Leong  in his 21st, he has made the highest break with 118 point that also makes him as the Youngest National Ranking Snooker Player in Terengganu Open Championship.

Although the Malaysian Snooker and Billiards Federation (MSBF) were not impressed by Thor Chuan Leong’s performance, it has not stopped him to achieve more awards and scoring highest breaks in most Championship.







Since year 2008, we had been inviting world professional snooker player into Malaysia as an effort to promote and support the snooker industry. We have invited James Wattana from Thailand, and the well known Jimmy White along with a few local top snooker players, played a few exhibition match for the VIPs and snooker enthusiasts whom were all excited for being able to watch live world class snooker in action.

We have also invited professional players from our neighbouring country to come into Malaysia for snooker training with our local players as to exchange experiences and knowledge among each other.

With this arrangement, local player are able to have more exposure and skill on the game.