1. The Referee

(a) The referee shall

(i.) Be the sole judge of fair and unfair play.

(ii.) Be free to make a decision in the interest of fair play for any situation not covered adequately by Rule.

(iii.) Be responsible for the proper conduct of the game under these Rules.

(iv.) Intervene if he sees any infringement of these Rules.

(v.) Tell a player the colour of the ball if requested, and

(vi.) Clean any ball upon reasonable request by a player.

(b) The referee shall not

(i.) answer any question not authorized in these Rules,

(ii.) give any indication that a player is about to make a foul stroke

(iii.) give any advise or opinion on points affecting play nor

(iv.) answer any question regarding the difference in scores.

(c) If the referee has failed to notice any incident, he may take the evidence of the marker or other officials or spectators best placed for observation to assist his decision.

2. The Marker

The marker shall keep this call on the score board and assist the referee in carrying out his duties. He shall also act as a recorder if necessary.

3. The Recorder

The recorder shall maintain a record of each stroke played, showing fouls where appropriate and how many points are scored by each player or side as required. he shall also make note of break totals.

4. Assistance by Officials

(a) At the striker’s request the referee or marker shall move and hold in position any lighting apparatus that interferes with the action of the striker in making a stroke.

(b) It is permissible for the referee or marker to give necessary assistance to handicapped players according to their circumstances.