Omin Facts

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Omin’s factory is located in Minburi, Thailand. Above are some of Omin’s factory photographs by JH Leong.

20 years back, Omin created a profile for himself by being the champion of the Minburi district. With his passion for snooker cues, he started his own brand ‘Omin’ and by word of mouth spreads and thus became one of the leading brand in Asia Pacific.

O’min uses the best Ebony from Sri Lanka, the best Ashwood from South America and the Best Maple from Canada for the cues.

JH Leong shares the same passion for cues and quote that Omin cues as the best cue to use for any snooker players. To know why Omin cue is good, you can personally speak to JH Leong when you go to Original Omin Snooker Training Centre,. JH Leong spends most of his time in Original Omin and you can get a chance to test the Omin cues displayed in the showcase for your own satisfaction.