How to Maintain Snooker Cue?

How to Maintain Snooker Cue?

How To Maintain Snooker Cue ?

Whenever you saw a cueist (snooker player/pool player) holding a small cloth or peace of tissue, you’ll wonder why? “Here is the information that you don’t want to miss…” Every cue need to be wiped after or before use, usually after used. The reason why we need to wipe the cue is to keep the cue clean from the tremble that sometimes it happens when drawing the cue back on the bridge hand from the residues or chalk.

To maintain the cue, cueist needs to polish their cue at least once a month. The cue oil is meant for the wood treatment to keep it smooth and last long. Oiling or polishing the cue every once in a month is essential and also wiping the cue before and after playing is necessary as it can easily help to maintain the cue.

With all the information on maintaining cues, there are more guidelines for cueist on how to avoid major disaster on the cue;

  • Do not put the top part of the cue leaning   against the wall, as it may bend the edge of the cue.

  • TAKE NOTE. Do not leave the cue next to    massive heat source or location, such as radiator, hot car parked under the sun, or any room with very hot temperature. This can warp the cue.

  • Consistently, average snooker player will knock their cue butt on the hard floors that can affect the wood splices to split. Even those cues with leather covering on the bottom are capable to cracks and it is very difficult and costly to repair the damage.

  • Please do keep the cue straight, in the cue rack or best in a hard casing, to avoid the cue from getting bent or warping.

  • Do not drop cue on the floor or any type of surface as it may spoil the cue shaft via impact.

  • Do not play with heavily dented striker (white ball) as it may cause the ferrule to break.

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