The Ethics of Playing Snooker by JC 09/07/09

Compilation of advises, tips and tricks from my experience with others Throughout my time playing snooker, I’ve been trying to constantly improve my game my way and seriously, my way […]

Compilation of advises, tips and tricks from my experience with others

Throughout my time playing snooker, I’ve been trying to constantly improve my game my way and seriously, my way was taking me to Timbuktu via Holland. My brother is actually quite a snooker player himself but I was not given many lessons from him until later when I seriously wanted to play the game. Throughout the years, I’ve met many good players and here’s a compilations of advises they gave to me.

The Ethics of Playing Snooker by JC

To some of you who might not know this, snooker was actually invented in India sometime in the 19th century by British Army officers, who were then colonizing India. Snooker was actually a twist of an old Indian game adopted by the British. Since then, the game was re-introduced and grew into a popular gentlemen’s game.

However, it seems many of us in Malaysia, I noticed – tend to forget that this is a gentlemen’s game.A gentleman is one who is considerate towards the other players around you. I have no qualms for the occasional phone ringing or sudden shriek of a missed pot or even the very often heard cuss word when the ball jaws. What is truly annoying is the people standing around the snooker table when clearly; it’s not their turn as this causes the players to lose focus.

So, if you’re an avid fan of snooker, please be considerate and see what I have to share with you all today.

Do’s & Don’ts of Snooker

1) Do return to the sitting area or stand at an area where you wouldn’t be blocking any players playing around after playing your shot.

2) Be polite when accident happens (ie. People bumping into you or you bumping into someone accidentally)

3) If a player on the next table is about to play a shot, try not to do sudden movements or if possible, walk pass only after the shot is played.

4) It’s always nice to play with buddies but be considerate about others whom (who) are playing, do keep your noise level down.

5) It is normal for people to lose their temper once in awhile when missing a shot but you don’t have to thump your cue on the floor.

6) Though it is not your snooker table and you are using a house cue, take good care of it! Leave as if how you want to find it!

7) When racking, place the balls on the table gently and not simply throw it on the table. This causes the cloth to deform and it creates dimples on the felt.

8) I can’t repeat this enough, DO NOT SMOKE WHILE CUEING & DO NOT LEAVE YOUR LITTED CIGGARETTE ANYWHERE ON THE SNOOKER TABLE!! (This goes for drinks too; never leave drinks on the sill of the snooker table!)

9) Do remember that when playing any shot, one feet is suppose to be touching the floor, never completely lie on the table or sit on them with both legs off the floor. This ruins the cushion!

10)Lastly, be courteous, do enjoy the game and keep your emotions intact!

And to some of you who have friends or others, who still think snooker is a naughty boy’s game, do share what I have written here with them. I hope it will change their mind that snooker players are not only courteous ladies and gentlemen but are also much disciplined ones!

A lot can be said of a person when they play so remember, you are how you play!

*If some of you who have encountered annoying incidents or wish to share more of the do’s and don’ts, please login and leave a comment. All comments are welcomed J

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A 26-year-young budding and cue sports enthusiast who is still trying to improve his game. Scouring snooker parlours and the internet for tips, he shares a dream with JH Leong to elevate the overall snooker and pool game in Malaysia to the next level.

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Gabriel_Ong September 7, 2009 Reply

Hi there. It’s a very good articles from you, ‘the ethics of playing snooker’ posting here. I got 2 more things to comment here, from my experiences. Always people do this, like if he’s paying a lot of table charges.

1) Always throwing cigarette butts on the floor, especially carpet floor, sure gone.
2) Hitting the ball with full force, like nobody business, until ball fly out from table. We as a player always enjoying playing with fully shine balls.

Hope my comment can be accepted. Thank you.

jceh83 October 15, 2009 Reply

Sorry for the late reply but definitely your comments are welcomed.

It’s true some people always play as if they own the table and that’s awful. From a good table it can become a horrible, potholed ridden table…

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