Friendly Match: One Snooker Club visits Arena Amcorp Mall June 2009

Friendly Match: One Snooker Club visits Arena Amcorp Mall June 2009

June 2009 Happenings : One Snooker Club visits OriginalOmin Arena Players at Arena Amcorp Mall


It was a pleasant Sunday evening with players from One Snooker Club (OSC) trickling in by 7pm. Hosted by Arena’s manager, JH Leong, a sumptous and wide variety of food  was served to all players and also fans and supporters of both clubs. The gang digged in, some twice, and enjoyed the food before the friendly started.

DSC05108.JPG DSC05109.JPG

DSC05113.JPG DSC05115.JPG


Thanks to Masakan Kak Azie (Snooker Arena’s Admin)! Sedap Siut!!

Shortly after dinner, the friendly started promptly at 8.15pm with 3 Men’s Single, 1 Men’s Double and 1 Women’s Double. Here are the lineups:-

14.06.2009: Snooker Arena VS One Snooker Club at Arena Snooker Centre, Amcorp Mall


Lennard Koay 0 vs HS Chan 3


U Wern 3 VS Mohd Reza 1

DSC05124.JPG DSC05063.JPG

Albert Khoo 3 VS Jason Cheong 1


Ivan Tan/Ken Lee 0 VS David Tong/Ben Reeves 3


Joanne Lee/Joey Wong 2 VS Effie/Chan Li Jia 3

DSC05058.JPG DSC05065.JPG

DSC05122.JPG DSC05066.JPG

Final Score

Snooker Arena 2 VS One Snooker Club 3

Prior to this Snooker Arena’s OriginalOmin players were invited to One Snooker Club for a friendly. Unfortunately, no pictures were taken but here are the lineups for the friendly:-

02.06.09 : Arena Snooker VS One Snooker Club at One Snooker Club, 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Henrey See Thoe/Jeffrey Tan 3 VS Ben Reeves/HS Chan 0

Joanne Lee/Joey Wong 3 VS Effie/Chan Li Jia 0

U Wern 0 VS Jason Cheong 3

Sigmund Khoo 3 VS Sharizam 0

Ricky Yeoh 3 VS Melvin Ow 0

Final Score

Snooker Arena 4 VS One Snooker Club 1

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