CLICK HERE FOR DRAW & RESULTS ————————————————————————————— PLATINUM MASTER OPEN SNOOKER CHAMPIONSHIP (MALAYSIA) ( 10th October - 19th October 2008) ( 6 PARTICIPANTS INTERNATIONAL COUNTRIES ) Champion ~ RM 5,000.00 […]


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( 10th October - 19th October 2008)


Champion ~ RM 5,000.00 + Trophy

Runners Up ~ RM 2,500.00 + Trophy

3rd Place ~ RM 1,250.00 + Trophy

4th Place ~ RM 600.00 + Trophy

Quarter-Finalist ~ RM 300.00 + Trophy each

Last 16 ~ RM 150.00 + Trophy each

Highest Break ~ RM 800.00 + Trophy (100 point and above)

Entrance Fees : RM 60.00 per entry.

Closing date : 24th September, 9.00pm 2008

Draw date : 25th September, 9.00pm 2008

Format of play :

Preliminary round/Round Robin - Best of 7 Frames

Last 16 - Best of 9 Frames

Quarter – finals - Best of 11 Frames

Semi-final / Final - Best of 13 Frames

Tournament Director : En. Iskandar Perwira Putra

H/P +6012 305 6657

Venue Manager : Mr. Ken Siew

H/P +6013 369 5827


24 A & B Jalan 5/89A, off Jalan Sekilau,

Sri Mas Complex, BP 3 ½ Cheras 56000

K.Lumpur.Tel: +603 91738029

Fax: +603 91721706

Sanction by : Malaysian Snooker and Billiards Federation (Malaysia)

Website Info. :


Rules and Regulation

The rules of ACBS Referee Control panel for Snooker and the ACBS Competition rules,

when not in conflict with the following, shall govern this Championship.

Format of Play – Knockout /Round Robin/Knockout system

Preliminary / Round Robin - Best of 7 Frames

Last 16 - Best of 9 Frames

Quarter-Final - Best of 11 Frames

Semi and Final - Best of 13 Frames

Round Robin

Only two of each invited Countries and 8/16 top National players shall be seeded into the groups. Only group leaders and runners-up shall qualify to the last 32/16. If the result is a tie, the winner of the previous match will determine qualification. Should any player miss a match during the Round Robin, his/her scores from the previous will stand but the current matches will be disqualified.

Venue and Date – Platinum Ball Snooker Centre – Preliminary till last Q-final.

Preliminary Round - 10th till 12th October 2008 Platinum Snooker Centre

Round robin - 13th till 15th October 2008 24 A & B Jln 5/89A off Jln

Last 32, L16 & Q-F - 16th till 17th October 2008 Sekilau, Sri Mas Complex, BP

Semi / Final - 18th & 19th October 2008 3 ½ , Cheras 56000 KL. Malaysia

Tables Fixtures

Tables fixtures shall be arranged by the Organizing Committee and it decision shall be final.

Reporting / Punctuality

Players are required to report to the venues as above stated 10 minutes before their play off (Starting) time of the match. If a player is not present at the match tables :-

a ) at the start time, he/she shall lose One Frame from his/her match.

b ) 15 minutes after the start time, he/she shall lose Two Frames.

c ) 30 minutes after the start time, he/she shall lose the Match.


No leave of absence shall be allowed to any player after commencement of play and during the tournament, except with the approval of the Tournament Director.

Highest Break

The referee of each match throughout the tournament shall record point of the highest break. The prize for the highest break will be awarded to the highest break of a minimum of 100 (One hundred and above only) points.

Time Tables Fixtures

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to vary the date and time of play for each match as it deems necessary provided that the player concerned have been duly notified in advance.

Dress Code

Round 1: All players must be smartly dressed i.e. trousers, long sleeved shirts & shoes must be worn. All players are encourage to wear vest from the first round.( Last 32 onwards till Final: All players must wear vest and bow tie.) Strictly no shorts, jeans, singlet, sneakers, sandals & sports shoes. Players inappropriately will be disqualified.

Match Play

In the event of a dispute decision during a match, the decision of the referee shall be final and binding. Any appeal shall be made to the Tournament Director, not withstanding this, the match must proceed as schedule.

Entry Qualification

Each entry for the Championship must be submitted in a completed official entry form together with the RM 60.00 entry fee. In the event of cancellation or absence, the fee is not refundable.. This Championship is open to any citizens. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any entry without having to assign any reason or whatsoever. Payment can be made in cash only.

Closing and Draw Date

Registration of entries closed on 24th September 2008 , at 9.00 pm. The draw for the line up player will be made on the 25th September 2008 , at 9.00 pm in the venue as stated above.

Seeding of Players

Seeding of players will be based on the latest national ranking list ending August 31st 2008 , other seeds will be at the prerogative of organizers.

Organized by : Platinum Snooker Centre

24 A & B Jalan 5/89A, off Jalan Sekilau,

Sri Emas Complex, BP 3 ½, Cheras

56000 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-9173 8029 Fax: +603- 91721706

Sanction by : Malaysian Snooker and Billiards Federation.(Malaysia)

Website Info. :

Tournament Director : En. Iskandar Perwira @ +6012 305 6657

Email: [email protected]

For further inquiries, please contact :

Ken Siew (Manager) @ +6013 369 5827

Click Here For Draw & Results!

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admin August 10, 2008 Reply


Henrey See Thoe September 14, 2008 Reply

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jhleong October 2, 2008 Reply

Platinum Ball Master Snooker Tournament Draw is Out !

jhleong October 9, 2008 Reply

The Malay Mail posted yesterday that Thor Chuan Leong hoping to do well in this coming Platinum Master Snooker Champioship 2008 .
But too bad for Thor Chuan Leong who just got fired this morning by MSBF/MSN . i wonder how is he going to do well in this coming Platinum Ball Snooker Master Championship with all the problems he has in his mind now? now he need my help to find a job and a place to stay before the 14th October 2008.
MSBF/MSN wants him to move out /kicking him out on the date which he suppose to be playing in this tournament … How can that be ?
MSBF (Malaysian Snooker and Billiard Fedaration / MSN (Majlis Sukan Negara) should be more reasonable and at least wait till he finish the tournament first . Right ? I Wonder is this how MSN/MSBF support Malaysian sportsmen :?:

jhleong October 10, 2008 Reply

10th October 2008
Platinum Ball Snooker Championship went successfully on the 1st day . Today not only all participants show up . many of the Malaysia top players of the 80’s – 90’s also show up too…. . Benjamin Choo the 1st Malaysia National Champion ! Siow po from Klang , Ng Ann Seng and many more ….. The best thing is lots of spectators/supporters makes the venue pack and happening . it was a great tournament and a great gathering environment at Platinum Ball Snooker Centre .
Tomorrow will be the 2nd round of the preliminaries, who ever win tomorrow’s match will qualify to the group stages and to play in round robin format.

Breaking News:
Today Moh Keen Hoo And Thor Chuan Leong was fired by MSBF . but they are not ban from any tournaments.

jhleong October 13, 2008 Reply

Day 4 – Thor Chuan Leong won 4-0 in his round robin match today with 3 big breaks 72,75 and 112 . Ooi Chin Kay the Past Asian/Malaysia Snooker Champion back in Malaysia local snooker scene after 3 years, but unfortunately today he lost to Chong Kim Meng of Snooker Mas 3-4 in their round robin match . another upset match today is between Shamsul Anuar of XZ Snooker Club lost to Albert Khoo of Snooker Arena 2-4 . Liew Kitt Fatt the only Malaysia Champion who ever won 3 straight national champion title also started his 1st match today . Kit Fatt of Platinum Ball Snooker Centre lost to Fong Keng Seng 2-4 .
Hong Kong player Chan Wai Ki who made a 147 maximum break 3 years ago in Penang . beat Seiko Yeoh of Indah Snooker 4-0 , while Fung Kok Wai won 4-0 , Au Chi Wai won 4-1 and the ladies player So Man Yan from Hong Kong lost to Andrew Lee 0-4.

jhleong October 15, 2008 Reply

Day 5
– Moh Keen Hoo made a 136 break over Albert Khoo of Snooker Arena in the round robin stage. Moh Keen Hoo win by 4-1 .
– Fung Kok Wai ( Hong Kong ) beat Ng Ann Seng 4-2 with breaks of 30’s , 40’s and a 82 .
– Wong Kok Wai ex – Malaysian national player , 3 times Malaysia junior champion , Sea games snooker gold medalist and asian junior 3rd placing . who stop playing snooker for about 5 years . Surprisingly beat Mohd Sepawi 4-3 in their round robin stage .

jhleong October 17, 2008 Reply

Day 6
– Last day of the round robin stage .
– Au chi wai (Hong Kong) beat Moh Loon Hong 4-0
– Wong Kok Wai Surprisingly beat Thor Chuan Leong 4-2 with a break of 58
– Draw of the last 16 round

jhleong October 17, 2008 Reply

Day 7(Last 16)
– Chan Wai Ki (Hong Kong) trash Mohd. Reza 5-0 with a 127 break !
– Lai Chee Wei beat Moh Keen Hoo 5-3
– Fung Kok Wai (Hong Kong) beat Sharizam 5-1 with a break of 137 ,the highest break of the tournament so far ……..

jhleong October 19, 2008 Reply

Semi Finals
Chan Wai Ki (Hong Kong) beat Thor Chuan Leong 6-5 to proceed into a final tomorrow against compatriot Fung Kok Wai who beat Au Chi Wai 6-3 in the other semi final match.

jhleong October 19, 2008 Reply

Final (19-10-2008)
Fung Kok Wai(HKG) won the final of the Platinum Ball Master Snooker Championship 2008 over compatriot Chan Wai Ki (HKG). Au Chi Wai (HKG) beat Thor Chuan Leong(MAS) in the 3rd and 4th placing. Highest Break also goes to Fung Kok Wai(137).
During the prize presentation ceremony M.S.B.F presented a token of appreciation to Mr. J.C.Leong for his endless contribution towards the growth and development of cue sports in Malaysia .

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